Zombie Commercial (Lily Cosmetics)

When darkness envelopes the world, the daylight gives way to the night, and the biting wind brings the fetid stench of the dungeon it means that the end of the human civilization is at hand.


Produced by R Kvadrat Production

R Kvadrat Production specializes in shooting commercials, TV shows and music videos in Russia and abroad.


“Morok” (2016) Short Horror Film

In Slavic mythology, Morok is a spirit of lies and illusions, a master of deceit and obfuscation. This demon of darkness causes dizziness in his victims, usually choosing them among people with some kind of a dark secret in their hearts.

Written and directed by: Andrey Zagidullin

Country:  Russia

Release Date:  2016

Runtime:  2 min


Did you like the film? Then watch “Making of Morok“!





“Battle” (1986) Animated Short Film

Original Title: “Srazheniye” (Сражение)

Directed by: Mikhail Titov

Country:  Soviet Union

Language:  English | Russian

Release Date:  1986 (Soviet Union)

Budget:  RUR 5 000 (estimated)

Runtime:  10 min

Color:  Color



A man kills a toy designer and steals his latest product. The product, a mini-army complete with weapons, then wages war on the killer. Based on the short story “Battleground” by Stephen King.

Project H: Urban Legends Awaken

Copyright © 2016 by Oleg Hasanov

Photo art copyright © 2015 by Gleb Kulkov, Rasim Bakhtiyarov and Alex Vandych

All rights reserved.

Project H

Common people do not take seriously the fear born from urban legends and campfire stories. But what will you do if a scary fairy tale is being born right before your eyes, revealing its ghastly images and digging its sharp claws into your soul? The same happened to him. He did not believe in the creepy rumors and refused to attach great importance to the facts. And he decided to take the risk. But little did he know about the price he was going to pay for his carelessness.

This is the description of one of the episodes of an upcoming horror series, which is currently being shot in Chelyabinsk.

In October, 2015, Gleb Kulkov, a music video director and an art photographer from Chelyabinsk launched production of an anthology film in the genre of horror, which is carrying the tentative title, “Project H”. This mini-series will contain 5 novellas united by one plotline.


I must say here that such projects are extremely rare in Russia, because Russian-made horror movies are not popular with the Russian film distributors.

The serial’s creators were inspired by Stephen King’s books, movies by James Wan (“Saw”, “Dead Silence”, “Insidious”, “The Conjuring”), and also the so-called J-Horror movies, which focus on the psychological element of horror and the potential of tension, especially featuring phantoms and spirits of the dead.

Gleb Kulkov has embarked on this project with his brother Ilyas Galiulin, with whom he co-wrote the script. The film plot is packed with twists and full of unexpected surprises.


Both professional and amateur actors are involved in the production of this horror flick. Anyone can try their luck and go through casting calls for the main or supporting parts. All the outdoor shootings will be done right on the city streets.

Rasim Bakhtiyarov, a Yekaterinburg-based make-up artist and a body art pro, whose works exist on the edge of madness and prohibition, is also taking part in the project.


The director admits that the project is very complex, requiring a lot of special visual effects, movie sets and even a 60-strong crowd scene. But it must bring not only commercial success but also promote the horror genre in Russia. There is a 2015 Russian horror movie called «Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite», which Gleb Kulkov has seen but is not satisfied with. And he decided to make his own movie, only a much better one. Gleb Kulkov’s monsters and mythical creatures are not going to look like what you got used to see in the cinema. The filmmakers promise that this will be something new in the genre.

The movie is supposed to be released both as a feature and as a series.

I can’t unveil the release date, because it’s unknown so far. Let’s wait and see. I hope it’s going to be something really cool!

For more details about the project, go to the official page of the movie.